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GS incoming

Specialised in Bespoke Business Groups, we are a ’Boutique DMC’. Our services are customized to your vision and goals targeted to ensure you will experience the real feeling of Basque Country.

  • We are a registered Wholesaler Travel Agency with more than 20 years of experience & more than 300 events behind us.
  • We are a team of multicultural experts engaged in giving you the best of us to your event. We provide you with an extensive knowledge of our cultural intimacies, uniqueness and passions to make sure you create the unique signature you are looking for on the event.
  • We know how to translate our customer needs to our reliable network of vendors so we create your event with Basque Country Flavour.
  • We are determined to achieve our customers dreams.

Our Journey

«After living and working in different countries and industries I found myself back in my homeland. Enjoying Basque Country with family and friends, I had this deep desire to share with the World my beautiful land and our unique Basque Spirit.

The idea of creating unforgettable moments has been constantly in my heart in the last 20 years, since GS incoming was born.

With the same dedication and joy after all those years, I still receive in my country all those who seek the authentic side, who appreciate the passion for the details and want to carry a bit of Basque Spirit in their hearts back home.

I am Mariana, head of this orchestra called GS Incoming.»

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